Accelerating farmer growth and prosperity with a strategic action plan

Technology for climate change

With the changing climate, smallholder farmers face new challenges that require tailored solutions. At Advanta Seeds, we aim to provide innovation and seeds technology to address the most challenging issues.

Enhancing nutrition

Growing nutritional crops is essential to fight hunger and malnutrition. Most farmers in regions with food security challenges are smallholder farmers who lack resources and knowledge to be productive and to feed their families. We look for the best solutions and technology to improve nutritional value and provide high yielding crops.

Adding value

Adding value to smallholder farmers is to go beyond seeds and provide opportunities that can significantly improve their livelihood. Advanta Seeds is actively exploring the food production value chain to add value to smallholder farmers.

From Nepal to Nebraska, we’re making a difference on farms everywhere

Innovation orbits that are making the power of information accessible to all

A new farming innovation hub launched in Southern Queensland. The new initiative provides an opportunity to look at the very foundations of a farm’s operation and ask what can be done differently to not only improve production today, but to also anticipate the challenges growers may face in 10-15-20 years’ time as our climate changes and technology evolves. Foundation Farm is about working collaboratively as an industry to utilize the best people or agronomists and researchers research, technology and products in order to continually evolve how a farm operates for the better.

Fortia is the first platform in the agricultural sector that makes information on livestock forage management with respect to agricultural production available to the user in a friendly, modern, and simple way. In this space, growers will find relevant information on corn and sorghum silage making and management and the direct grazing of forage sorghums.

Fortia offers the knowledge farmers need to optimize the efficient production of kilos of meat per hectare per acre, both in pure livestock areas and mixed systems. On Fortia, they can find insights from agricultural advisers, and hear from real agriculture producers who are a part of this collaborative platform.

innovation orbit

Designed as a space for collaboration, Advanta Innovation Centers connect agriculture producers directly to our latest innovations in seed technology. These facilities aim to promote the Advanta’s latest agricultural advancements and maintain the agricultural sector’s sustainability through state-of-the-art technological innovations, research and relevant consultations.

Globally growers are invited to witness field corn, sorghum, and vegetable hybrids consistently proven to outperform and outproduce others in the region. Advanta teams also provide technical and business development assistance to smallholder farmers.

Focussed on smallholder farmers to create a change at the grassroot level

quality seeds

Access to quality seeds

With our R&D units continuously active, we plan to bring the latest technologically treated seeds to the homes and fields of all farmers across the globe. The target is to provide access to quality seeds for 40 million smallholder farmers by 2025.


Smallholder farmers prosperity

We are the 5th seed company to enhance the productivity of farm holder farmers across the globe. Our goal is to grant seed protection contracts with 65,000 smallholder farmers by 2025.

women empowring

Empowering women farmers

Realising the immense potential of women in the farms, we encourage them to utilise their capabilities to the fullest and produce the best quality grains and vegetables. For this, 60% of our seed production contracts in Thailand will be granted to female farmers by 2025.

women empowring

Youth engaged through various inspiring activities

For a sustainable difference in farming, involving the budding farmers in the process is crucial. We engage youth in programs that support a healthy diet, such as school or community vegetable gardens, and training young farmers and agriculture professionals.

climate agriculture

Climate smart agriculture

We are breeding crop varieties better adapted to thermal shocks and drought to secure food production in regions heavily affected by climate change.

improving nutrition

Improving nutrition through biofortified crops and nourishing veggies

Nutrition is the key point for the UNSDG 2 - Zero hunger. We are meeting the nutritional needs of a growing global population with biofortified crops and an array of nourishing vegetables to ensure a well fed and healthy population.


Partnerships and sustainability

Improving farmer access to innovative technologies through collaboration with development and finance institutions. With our comprehensive strengths we accelerate farmer prosperity.



We offer a diversified portfolio of field and vegetable crops. We are also focussed on enhancing existing and providing new varieties.

Farmer Impact Stories

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