Rice is one of the most important commercial crop globally with 154 Mn Ha acres under cultivation, producing 425 Mn Mt of Rice with a average per ha production of 2.76Mt.

India has the highest acreage under Rice at 44 Mn Ha with a production of 94 Mn Mt of rice, followed by China with a acreage of 29.6 Mn Ha and Production of 129 Mn Mt. China's per Ha production is double than that of world average of 2.76 Mt . Rice is an important commercial crop in the Countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan , Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, , Brazil USA, Madagascar among others.

Rice production in India has significantly increase particularly in Northern and Eastern part of India in the last 5 years largely due to the adoption of High yielding Hybrid Rice. Currently Hybrid Rice covers 1.5 Mn Ha which is just about 4% to the total rice acreage. The Hybrid rice market in India has been growing at 30% annually and the trend is likely to continue for the next 5 to 7 years.

Adoption of Hybrid rice is the key to meet the growing rice demand in India in Particular and world in general. Consistent and continues improvement in Yield , grain quality , insect pest, disease and herbicide tolerance are some of the key attributes required in this most important cereal crop enhancing value to the farmer and for meeting the growing world demand.

Advanta India has been one of the pioneering Company in Hybrid rice Breeding in India with a large collection of Germplasm. Advanta's Hybrid rice brands are very popular in India and Countries like Vietnam. Advanta is one of the top 3 Hybrid rice companies in India. Advanta's geography specific breeding programs have helped in developing Hybrid rice with competitive advantage.

Advanta's rich & diverse Germplasm base, besides having capacity to cater to the product needs of the Indian Subcontinent, can also cater to the needs of the world. Advanta is also looking for establishing their own Rice research base in key rice growing Countries to cater to the local geography specific needs. Advanta is exploring licensing traits for Insect pest, disease and Herbicide tolerance, WUE and NUE for offering a complete solutions to Rice growing farmers in India and elsewhere.

With a strong pipeline products , most advanced rice research program and traits that give value for money to the farmers, Advanta is confident of achieving leadership in this crop, in which Advanta has invested hugely to achieve competitive advantage.