Oilseeds - One pillar of the ADVANTA strategy

ADVANTA seeds portfolio is rich of 3 major oilseeds crops cultivated worldwide: sunflower, canola and Indian mustard. Over the time ADVANTA SEEDSeeds has developed specific knowledge around oilseeds crops and oil genetics. With significant expertise and resources dedicated to oilseeds research and development, ADVANTA SEEDS is constantly seeking to offer to growers and end consumers new high yielding hybrids and healthier oils.


ADVANTA SEEDS provides growers the most advanced SUNFLOWER hybrids allying yield performance, disease resistance , herbicide tolerance , different oil types and high oil content.

With four breeding programs now established in the four continents, and one biotech laboratory dedicated to sunflower based in Balcarce, Argentina, ADVANTA SEEDS research is continuously improving its sunflower hybrid range, and offering new solutions to growers and to end consumers.

ADVANTA SEEDS sunflower hybrids are particularly well suited for tropical and subtropical environments, where heat and water stress are usual challenges facing crops and growers.

In 2009, ADVANTA SEEDS has been the first company to produce and sell high stearic sunflower oil under the brand NUTRISUN, derived from High Stearic-High Oleic sunflowers. This revolutionary sunflower oil , NUTRISUN, will help fighting heart and vascular diseases, and bring end consumers health benefits, by the progressive replacement of hydrogenated and transfats rich oils in human food.


Yield performance, oil content and herbicide tolerance are the main features characterizing ADVANTA seeds hybrids and OP's portfolio. ADVANTA seeds can offer growers a wide spectrum of herbicide tolerant technologies such as TT (Triazin Tolerant ), RR (Round Up Ready) and CLEARFIELD (Imidazolinon tolerant) .The recent launch of the RR canola hybrids in Australia will offer canola growers a new solution to control their weeds.

Oil content is also a major trait of ADVANTA SEEDS canola hybrids, ensuring growers good premium prices associated with high yielding harvest.


Alongside with Canola, ADVANTA SEEDS is developing INDIAN MUSTARD (Brassica Juncea) Hybrids for both domestic as well as Overseas markets. Moreover, ADVANTA SEEDS has been the first company to develop and introduce an Indian Mustard hybrid, CORAL 432, setting a new standard of performance on the market place.

CORAL 432, with superior yield and outstanding oil content, is rapidly becoming a top seller, widely and rapidly adopted by Indian farmers.

Constantly seeking for innovation and improving its breeding methods, ADVANTA SEEDS is actively preparing the future generation of oilseeds hybrids and derivated oil types, with a constant aim to deliver superior solutions to its customers.