Nutrisun Business Unit

Advanta Nutrisun Business Unit, leader in the development of special products with high added value by implementing state-of-the-art technology, offers innovative solutions for agricultural products and healthy food market. We seek for integration with companies devoted to deliver high tech solutions to the agro-food market.

Nutrisun High Stearic-High Oleic Sunflower Oil (HSHO)

The healthy answer to food industry needs.

In the manufacturing of certain food the industry demands stable fats, fats with low susceptibility to oxidation and which match the condition of plastic or semi- plastic at room temperature. The traditional and main sources of these fats had been animal fats and tropical oils. Human health and food studies had shown that these fats are not healthy, due to the high level of bad saturated fatty acids (lauric, myristic and palmitic).

Nutrisun High stearic-high oleic sunflower oil is the first oil with unique physicochemical and functional properties, which offers a healthy alternative for food elaboration. Basically we achieved a novel natural oil in the sunflower seed: HSHO (High Stearic - High Oleic) which has 18% Stearic (S) and 70% of Oleic (O) with high levels of Sat-O-Sat (12-15%) triglycerides.

Due to the possibility of fractionation, it allows to obtain fats in several presentations: solid, semi-solid and liquid at room temperature. Nutrisun can be used for to a wide range of products, such as: fried food, bakery products, cookies, chocolates, margarines, ice creams, snacks and other products which require the use of stable fats.