Cotton is one of the most important commercial crop globally with 33Mn Ha acres under cultivation, producing 25 Mn Mt of Cotton. This figure is likely to go upto 37 Mn Ha cultivation and a production of 28 Mn Mt in the Year 2015-16.

India has the highest acreage under cotton at 9.2 Mn Ha with a production of 4.6 Mn Mt of Cotton, followed by China with a acreage of 5.3 Mn Ha and Production of 6 Mn Mt. China ranks first in yield. China's domestic consumption at 11Mn Mt is the highest in the world, leading to import of cotton. India is a net exporter of cotton. India's average Yield per Ha is 494 kg compared to 1130 kgs in China.

Cotton is an important commercial crop in the Countries like USA, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Myanmar,Turkey, Burkina Faso, Uzbekistan among others.

Cotton production in India has doubled in the last 3 years largely due to the adoption of Bt Cotton. Currently Bt Cotton is cultivated in more than 90% of the cotton acreages.

Consistent and continues improvement in Yield , fibre quality , pest and disease tolerance are some of the key attributes required in this most important commercial crop for meeting the world cotton demand.

Advanta India has one of the best Cotton research programs having launched 4 Bt Cotton Hybrids already commercialized in India and many more block buster Hybrids in the pipeline. Advanta's rich & diverse Germplasm base has capacity to cater to the product needs of the Indian Subcontinent. Advanta is also looking for establishing their own Cotton research base in key cotton growing Countries to cater to the local needs. Advanta is exploring licensing traits for Herbicide tolerance, WUE and NUE for offering a complete solutions to Cotton growing farmers in India and elsewhere.

With a strong pipeline products , most advanced cotton research program and traits that give value for money to the farmers, Advanta is confident of achieving leadership in this crop, though started late in this crop segment.